Missions & Charities we support

Christ Church has a ‘Mission & Charities’ group that allocate funds to local (British Isles) and World Wide Mission. It comes from 10% of our shops income and from the Church Giving.

The groups we support under the category of Local are:-


Livability (Dolphin Court)


Mission to Seafarers

The Mission to Seafarers launches Flying Angel Campaign in response to COVID-19, see link below.


CAP Southend


Southend Food Bank (Trussell Trust) https://www.trusselltrust.org

Compassion UK

Under the International category we support:-

  • Tearfund
  • Mercy Ships
  • Christian Aid
  • Compassion
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship
  • Tahaddi
  • Sat 7
Sat 7 – The work it does

Thank you so much for your gift of £250 on behalf of Christ Church, Southchurch.  It is only thanks to your generosity and that of others like you that we can continue making and broadcasting the programmes that mean so much to our viewers.So often viewers form a bond with the presenters, who become their friends and role models and help them to grow in their faith. Eleven-year-old Tina from Syria wrote to Marianne, the host of Let’s Sing Together, “I’ve been watching your programmes since I was a young child. I [also] follow the programmes With JesusNor Re MeYalla Go and Me and My Daughter. Thank you for everything that you provide for us.”Pray for all of our broadcasters, asking that God will show His love and character to our viewers through them. Thank you again for your support for this vital ministry. Yours in Christ                SAT-7 UK