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Are you at home? Perhaps you have time on your hands. We would like a volunteer with IT experience to set up live streaming for Christ Church. Would you like the challenge? Do contact us to discuss this.

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Well worth a watch

Below is an extract from the end of an article written for BRF – The Bible Reading Fellowship, by Canon Dr George Lings. He discusses the paradox of how rules and frameworks can free us up for prayer – with seven tips to help you carve out time. The full article can be found at https://www.brf.org.uk/a-rule-of-life

I’m intrigued that the Bible doesn’t talk about running with God. Walking is a measured pace, even leisured and conversational.

What if a framework of prayer was like that? Walking is seldom done flat out. It seems slow, but over time it is surprising how far you get and often delightful what you see on the way because of going slowly. Pilgrimages know these values. Living a rule of life is like this. It is slow, deliberate, yet surprising and transforming.

‘Living a rule of life is slow, deliberate, yet surprising and transforming.’

A rule is not aspirational words on fridge magnet but a life to be lived.

On a Wednesday morning we celebrate Holy Communion. This service has now restarted however, places will have to be booked via the office and social distancing rules still apply, face masks need to be worn.

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