Building works

As we seek to repair and develop our church space this is to update you on the works being done.

Our main project is the alteration to the Church Foyer, the fitting of three sets of doors, two replacing existing ones and the reorientation to the entrance and the installation of a glass screen and fitting of new external doors. The present ones are far from disabled friendly and very hard to use if a buggy or pram or walker is being used. The new doors will be fully automatic.

03/07 – Having spoken to the builders today it seems the entrance will not be ready to use before the 26th July. The flooring and matting will need to be laid after the doors and screen have been completed. Due to this church services will not resume till Sunday 26/07.

24/06 – The door engineer is back in to set the internal doors up. Believe it or not dormant Dorma have discovered a means of communication. Apparently they now have the bi-fold doors! What is even more encouraging is that they can fit them in early July! So it is feasible the entrance work could be all done by mid July. At last the end is back in sight. Thanks to Ian at Blake Contractors for his persistence.

16/06 – Well things have ground to a halt, very frustrating. Dorma seem unable to say where the doors are! Ian at Blake’s construction has at last found someone who is prepared to find out, but as yet they have not got back to him. Come on Dorma this is messing up more than just our project.

12/06 – All quiet this week as we are now held up waiting for the arrival of the two bi-fold doors, seems Dorma are still not communicating very well. The glass for the internal doors has been fitted but the final fitting of the door control is awaiting the other doors, so it is holding everything up.

05/06 – Doors now fitted, but without the glass. The electronic control systems are being fitted, there are a lot of controls and safely systems, such as sensors to stop little fingers being trapped etc. The bi-fold doors are somewhere, possibly en route from Germany, but possibly not. Dorma, the manufactures, are being a bit vague. Leadbitter glass are going to bring the stained glass down themselves when we are ready to install. They will supervise its installation.

27/05 – Ground works have been completed, now the frame for the stained glass is up and the old internal doors removed and new ones being fitted. All progressing well. No sign of the bi-fold doors from Germany yet. I love the hoop bars in the bottom picture of the new entrance ramp, kids are just going to love those!!! Will we need to put a crash mat underneath?

22/05 – A section of the completed glass work, viewed in reverse. All the glass panels have been completed and will be shipped to us soon. It will be the last part of the installation to be installed, to avoid any damage to it.

22/05 – The side ramp is more or less completed, the barriers need to be put in place yet.

13/05 – Repainting of the hall foyer and toilets is due to be done on Wednesday, Thursday.

12/05 – Contractors back on site and first layer of the concrete poured by 09.45. The ramp still has to be done, and another layer sharp sand & cement (screed layer), once this one has dried off.

Thursday 07/05 – Nothing has been happening, but now plans are being put in place to resume work. So we hope the ground works contractor will be back to complete the ramp and floor for the new entrance enclosure. Leadbitter glass have sent us the first completed panel to make sure we are happy with the quality before it is sealed as a double glazed unit. It looks fantastic, the vibrance of the colours is really good. Judge for yourselves.

The background has no texture in it, the effect you see is a hedge in the background. The black outline to the beach huts and flames are in lead work.

Friday 03/04 – We were going to have the Hall Foyer painted after Easter – but the paint wholesaler has closed and B&Q deem it non-essential, so aren’t selling paint. I am lost for words!

Tuesday 31/03 – Leadbitter Glass now have the first payment to start work on the stained glass for the foyer entrance. Though work seems to have stopped, out of view work is going on, our three sets of doors are being made along with the stained glass. When work is started again it may well come together quite fast as, hopefully, things will be ready.

Thursday 26/03 – It comes as no surprise that the building work has almost stopped, much to our main contractors disappointment. Supplies are now hard to get and sub-contractors are cutting back.

Friday 20/03 – infilling then laying Damp proof and insulation board.

19/3 – Thursday – Digging out the old base, post box is going. New block work to bring level up.

Repair to the car park and garden maintenance

Paving repairs to the hall entrance – now completed

The new Church Foyer work. Staring in November with exploratory work with the bulk of the work to be done between January and March 2020. (Work was delayed, now starting March, completion May/June 2020)

(Right) Discussions with Leadbitter Glasswork and our architects about the design for the large glass panel for the foyer entrance.

(Left) How good are your foundations? First job for the building inspector is to see if the building has good enough foundations for the work that will start on 03/01/20.

Let’s build something together.