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Christ Church is a charity - Reg 1130922                                         

Who can I pray for?

Pray for yourself;

for those you love or know;

for those you do not know;

for those you do not love;

for those who do not love you;

Pray for anyone and everyone!

Developing the prayer life of the church

We continue to seek to develop a culture of prayer in the life of the church.

“It is important that prayer is a central part of our church culture and held as part of our Christian commitment. Prayer needs perseverance, we need to keep prayer as a focus point to sustain our varied ministries.”

“Perhaps the image of a tree is a great one to use for prayer.”

Neighbourhood Prayer Network

At http://www.neighbourhoodprayer.net

Why not pray for your road, so far only Burges Road, the YMCA on Ambleside Drive and Durham Road are shown on the website as being prayed for.

I believe with all my heart that this grassroots prayer network in neighbourhoods,is part of the key catalysts to ignite the fires of revival and transformation that is about to erupt within the British Isles in our life times.

Jonathan Oloyede, Founder, National Day of Prayer

“We live in times where with the click of a mouse, we can communicate half way around the World, and yet most of us do not know our neighbours living on our own street.”

Prayers for week ending 25 April

Our church and our parish

We pray especially this week for .....

Why not try walking down the road you are praying for either physically or virtually, maybe with someone else. What people or issues do you feel God is prompting you to cover in prayer.  

Please pray for Jo and Mike and their family as they look urgently for a new home and take this time to lift up all those in a similar situation in our parish and beyond.

Our world

Pick up a national newspaper, watch the news, google some different news agencies and spend some time with God listening to what he is laying on your heart - what jumps out at you,what returns to your mind through the week?

Our prayer practice

Taking the Lord's Prayer why not focus on the first line?

 "Our Father"

Reflect and pray about our relationships as children of God, what it means to be brother and sister to one another and have God as our father.

Opportunities for Prayer at Christ Church

At Christ Church we try to ensure that every aspect of church life is covered by prayer. This takes a number of different forms, for instance praying together before toddler group sessions start.

A weekly prayer guide is published in the notice sheet


This is in addition to our home groups who meet together on a weekly or fortnightly basis to study, discuss and pray together.

Prayer ministry is available following the 10.30am services

Our aim is that all church members and visitors will feel comfortable in asking others to pray with them in order that they may receive all that God has planned for them and also to encourage those praying.