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Christ Church is a charity - Reg 1130922                                         

Missions and Charities

As part of our Christian commitment, we tithe our income at Christ Church. That is, in recognition of God’s bounty, we give away one tenth of all the income we receive via both the weekly ‘collection’ and church shop. This giving is organised through the Missions and Charities group to support Christian works at home and abroad.

The following are amongst the organisations we currently support. A full list is displayed at the back of church:


This organisation provides homeless people in Southend with short-term emergency accommodation and help in finding more permanent accommodation. HARP also provides meals to the homeless as well as food and clothing.

Save the Children

The charity helps about 3 million children each year through health and hunger work. They run world-class programmes to save children’s lives and challenge world leaders to keep to their promises to give children a brighter future. Current programmes range from treating malnourished children affected by the food crisis in West Africa to helping poorer children in the UK to do better at school and building stronger health systems in countries such as Sierra Leone.

Bible Society

Founded by William Wilberforce and others, the Bible Society translates, prints and distributes Bibles throughout the world for those who may be denied access to The Word. It is working to transform the world with the Scriptures through the Church.

Christian Hope International

Based in Romford, this charity provides aid to the needy in Africa, India and Eastern Europe and shares the Christian message of love and hope. In addition to sending humanitarian aid such as clothing, blankets and equipment, the organisation arranges educational sponsorship for deprived children and supports small community projects such as providing egg laying hens, tools and equipment for clean water.


The Christian charity works extensively in disaster relief and the development of deprived regions. Recent areas of operation include Afghanistan, Darfur, the Congo, South Sudan and Haiti.

We are currently supporting the work of Tearfund following the earthquake disaster in Nepal.

Sat 7

In the Middle East and North Africa, local churches are struggling to survive, and many Christians are fleeing to other parts of the world because of persecution. Those that remain often lack economic and educational opportunities and have very limited access to Christian training material. In addition millions of people in the region are denied the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ.

SAT-7 uses satellite television to support local churches and provide Christian teaching where it would otherwise be denied.

Members of Christ Church on a visit to the SAT7 studio

Other organisations supported by Christ Church

Bible Society, Childen's Society, Etheopia - support for Anglicans, Gideons - local placement of Bibles, Groundwire, Jonathan Bully (Diocese of  Kajokeji - Republic of South Sudan), Jubilee Campaign (female victims of Boku Haram),  Livability (Dolphin Court), Sara Afshari (Iranian Armenain fieldwork), Shonda, Turning Point (Op Mobilisation), YMCA Southend (SOS bus funding + other projects)