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Description of our ministry

Community work is about meeting people where they are, showing them the love of God in real and active ways. It’s also about working in partnership with other community organisations.

What is the vision for this ministry?

It is to be responsive, to be engaged and engaging, to be real and to make a real difference in Southend.

What is currently offered by the church?

The Monday Toddler Group, Friday Smart Play, interaction with other agencies (such as Southend Association of Voluntary Services (SAVS)) working with young people in difficult situations and getting them into volunteering positions and, of course, we have the church shop which isn’t just a shop it is also a place people feel comfortable popping in just for a chat and the staff are always willing to listen.

What are the future plans?

We can’t really answer that as we need to keep as fluid as possible to ensure that we meet the needs of the community. We would like to be able to offer more networking events and strengthen our links with children’s centres and other organisations.

I want to get involved! Any advice?

Do it!! We always have places for volunteers. Come and speak to either Sandra Brown or Simon Roscoe and we’ll find something that will suit your skills.

Christ Church is a charity - Reg 1130922